Costa Rica Dental Prices

Costa Rica Dental Prices Enabled Me To Afford To Get My Smile Back!

Consumer Beware: Consider both what you PAY and what you GET.
Looking only at prices is a disaster waiting to happen! In a foreign country, having someone there you can call on is priceless.

The Costa Rica Dental Prices below are in US Dollars.

  • Initial consultation with x-rays and treatment plan  $50
  • Dental Cleaning  $50
  • 3-D Tomography $150
  • Extraction  $50
  • Composites  $50 – $100
  • Temporary Crown $50
  • Temporary Denture  $250
  • Root canal  $300
  • Porcelain fused with metal crown:  $450
  • Full cast zirconium porcelain crown:  $450
  • Crown for Bridge  $450
  • Implant Surgery  $900
  • Implant Supported Crown  $600
  • Partial or Full denture:  $500
  • Attachment for Denture  $650
  • Porcelain Veneer  $400
  • Porcelain Inlay/Onlay  $350
  • Wisdom teeth extraction  $100
  • Wisdom teeth surgery  $200
  • Bone graft  $350 – $1,500 (depends on size of graft)
  • Gum graft – determined at consultation
  • Sinus Lift  $1,500
  • White Smile German Bleaching  $350
  • Night guard  $150

These Costa Rica Dental Prices are based on normal circumstances.

Martha and Kurt at Casa Laurin
Martha and Kurt at Casa Laurin

Kurt & Martha Gross
Knoxville, TN USA
865 466-9207 [call or text]

To make personal contact with us, Email us or text or call direct. We are in the eastern time zone and you are welcome to call between 11:00am and 11:00pm at 865 466-9207 and we will answer your questions about our Costa Rica Dental vacation.

Remember: Our service includes your own personal, in-country guides – Kurt and Martha in the USA, Ginette for Canada and Charlie and Eduardo in Costa Rica. We are available to you, 24/7 for your added convenience and security. No one else offers this personal concierge service and there is no additional cost for this. This is a personal service that only our dentists offer for those interested in Costa Rica Dental Tourism.

Feel free to call and ask questions.  We will prepare you for a consultation with the Dental Clinic  who will be able to help you with a consultation with the dentist.
Costa Rica Dental Price Quote

Costa Rica Dental Price Quote