Costa Rica Dentist Reviews Video Tour

These are candid videos taken by me during my trip back after my Costa Rica dental implants were ready for the crowns. I took these short videos with my Blackberry phone and they are shown unedited so that you can see inside the dental clinic just as if you walked in the door and Dr. Delfin escorted you through the office.  The first 4 videos are ‘home-made”, unedited. They are followed by more professional videos about the Davincis Dental clinic and the doctors there.  Kurt Gross 865-466-9207 Entering the clinic and beginning of the tour (13): Continued tour of Costa Rica Dental Care (10): Continued tour of Costa Rica Dental Care (05):

Caution: Dr. Delfin doesn’t use or recommend metal but his lab services other dentists in Costa Rica who still use metal and so they make it for THEM. If you are looking at other dentists, be aware of this distinction. I have included this video to enable you to see more of their offices, just know that metal is not recommended by this dentist for his patients (15):

I hope you enjoyed a peek into my Costa Rice dental vacation. The videos below are more professional and will enable you to see more about Dr. Delfin and his clinic, including a more extended interview with Dr. Delfin and other dentists in his office.

Note, so you’ll know who he is, Dr. Barquero is shown at the 37 second mark of the next video:

Cancer patient – Bait and switch testimonial:

Susan Baker:

A video from a Denville, NJ dentist that you might find to be helpful in explaining how Implant OverDentures work:

To get travel tips, ideas, “Do’s and Don’ts”, etc., contact me and I’ll be glad to pass along to you what I have learned. Kurt Gross 865-466-9207